Kent Osbourne – Songwriter, Singer, Hip Hop  Artist “No matter what you have done in your  life and what you’ve been through, God can use you, and the moral of this story is God can use anybody!” Kent shared. Kent Osbourne’s dad passed away when he was just 5 and his mom died when he was 9 leaving young Kent with his Aunt. At age fourteen he found his Aunt’s rules to strict so he ran away.

The streets proved to be a greater challenge still and Kent spent the rest of his childhood and young adult life in and out of county lockup until he finally landed a two year prison sentence. It’s been said that  some men find a purpose or calling while locked down in a prison cell and for Kent that seemed to be true. He discovered a gift for writing rap music and performing for himself and other inmates who would listen. Kent was released in 2000 and quickly found a new focus in transforming his writings into recorded Hip Hop for his first album and performing in talent shows wherever he could find them. By now he’d taken on the stage name “Jamerican Prince” with a steadily expanding fan base. During the same period, as his career began to take shape, he lived the life of a bona fide street hustler, hustling drugs and recording rap CDs.

Kent’s first single, “Ball Till They Pour Da Dirt” blew-up in 2001 along with it’s widely viewed video causing a buzz. He dropped “Ball Till They Pour Da Dirt” the album shortly after which became the main topic of conversation in the industry. Kent teamed up with Grammy nominated super group “Field Mob” to record his second single “Thangs In Da Club” which

                  Not only is he an entrepreneur with his own trucking company. He is a motivational speaker, gospel rap artist, having a heart for the young and young at heart. Kent Osbourne is a member of Promise Land Church Tim McClure Jr. pastor in Melbourne, Florida. Also attends Word of Faith Church Bishop Dale Bronner in Austell, Georgia. Testifying always of the good news of Jesus everywhere he goes. Sharing how Jesus delivered him place him on a straight path. If he did it for me he will do it for you!

      Kent is touching the word through the inspirational words in his gospel music and videos that are current with today’s happenings and issues of life. People are blessed from his testimony because it gives hope to the hopeless. Kent Osbourne is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He desires to live for the Lord Kent Osbourne ‘s newest album released February 5, 2016 with songs such as (Soaring, Pylicia, Streets Are Calling, They Don’t Believe, Feel My Pain) just to name a few. These songs will move you and touch your heart . Through these songs you will see the power of our God and how he is moving by his spirit in the life of Kent Osbourne. Kent Osbourne also has been nominated by Blockbusters for two awards this year “The Best Gospel Hip ­Hop Artists of the Year”, “The Best Video of the Year” video “They Don’t Believe! Kent Osbourne is an experience to be enjoyed! Get to know Kent Osbourne!